IZIPIZI Daydream: New Collection Available Now Exclusively at PRESENCE Paris

blue light glasses izipizi new collection reading glasses sunglasses

As Spring-Summer 2023 approaches, IZIPIZI reveals the colours and textures of its new collection, found in all the solutions for daily life offered by the French brand, from sunglasses to reading glasses, screen protection and children’s models.

We believe dreams should never end, which is why our new Spring-Summer 2023 collection is designed to bring this magical feeling into the daytime. Inspired by a waking reverie, Daydream is an ode to letting go—a way for us to take you on an adventure far, far away.

Models in the collection play on the fine line between the real and the imagined. For example, the new transparent frames combine with a full shiny finish for the first time. Opaque becomes bright. Colours shine and vanish all at once. Soft violet meets waxy ivory, soothing green, mysterious sky blue and spicy red.

Exploring the world of emotions, this new collection surprises, excites and transports you to an ethereal unknown. What more could we ask of any dream?

IZIPIZI’s Daydream Collection is available now instore & online exclusively at PRESENCE Paris, the official IZIPIZI store in Malaysia. Shop online on our website at www.PresenceConcept.com, or visit us in-store at PRESENCE Paris store at Bangsar Village II.

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