How the XULA Eco Period Undies work?

Introducing The New XULA Eco Period Undies - The only period pants with a built-in reusable sanitary pad which allows you to change them as often as needed, avoiding the inconvenience of removing the entire panty. Now, when out of home, you can easily detach the pad from the panty and replace it with a fresh one every time you need to, depending on the amount of flow you have.

Our XULA menstrual panties absorb the flow keeping the intimate area dry. They are very breathable, do not leak and have an antibacterial fabric. In addition, their composition is free of chemicals and toxic products.

If you are a XULA girl, our menstrual panties are your best choice! Designed with love and care for details. XULA panties are the perfect choice for women who are sensitive towards our planet and who want to live their menstruation in a sustainable way. They are also suitable for urine leaks and first periods.

We have two collections available: Emma Essentials, our collection of sporty period panties, and Chloe Lingerie, our collection of more feminine and chic menstrual panties.

Our reusable cloth sanitary pads are made from highly absorbent technical materials and comprise the following layers:

  1. The first layer is made of Tencel, a natural material that is very soft for contact with the intimate area, and is breathable, highly absorbent and odourless.
  2. The second layer is a high absorbing technical material.
  3. The third layer is waterproof and retains the flow avoiding leaks and odours
  4. In addition to the three layers of the pad, the panty has an extra layer of waterproof fabric to prevent leakage

To cover all the needs of the cycle, we have created four types of pads with different levels of absorption which you can use on their own or in combination with a menstrual cup. The level of absorbency of the pad varies, so you choose them depending on the time of the menstrual cycle you are in: We currently have 4 types of reusable pads to fit our panty liners.

A) Light Flow and Slight Urine Leakage = Up to 10 ml or 1 tampon

B) Moderate Flow = Up to 15ml or 2 tampons

C) Heavy Flow = Up to 25ml or 3 tampons

D) Very Heavy Flow or Overnight = Up to 30ml or 4 tampons

Our reusable cloth pads may be used only with our XULA menstrual panties due to the way they are attached to the panties. This will ensure that they always remain in place once you wear them.

Xula Undies menstrual panties have 5 major qualities:

Just like you, we are aware of the footprint we leave on the planet with each of our actions, no matter how small they may be. Which is why we have created the only hygienic underpants with a built-in pad.
They quickly drain the liquid inside to ensure the surface stays dry and offer you more comfort.
 Antibacterial fabric ensures perfect hygiene all day long and prevents odours (unlike disposable pads!).
 Thanks to their waterproof protection, our menstrual panties have a 100% leak-proof guarantee.
They absorb the equivalent of 4 tampons and provide up to 12 hours of protection. 
Designed and manufactured in Spain with a recycled polyamide that brings sustainability to the garment as well as a feeling of softness and comfort. 
The comfort of the panties is due to a clever combination of recycled polyamide and elastane, resulting in a soft, strong and breathable material that adapts perfectly to the shape of the body.