XULA Eco Period Underwear

Introducing The New Xula Eco Period Underwear

The only period pants with a built-in reusable sanitary pad which allows you to change them as often as needed, avoiding the inconvenience of removing the entire panty. Now, when out of home, you can easily detach the pad from the panty and replace it with a fresh one every time you need to, depending on the amount of flow you have.

Our XULA menstrual panties absorb the flow keeping the intimate area dry. They are very breathable, do not leak and have an antibacterial fabric. In addition, their composition is free of chemicals and toxic products. XULA panties are the perfect choice for women who are sensitive towards our planet and who want to live their menstruation in a sustainable way. They are also suitable for urine leaks and first periods.

Our XULA reusable sanitary pads are the only ones designed to be perfectly fixed to XULA briefs through our patented fastening system. This means your pad won't move no matter what you do. To cover all your cycle needs, we have created for you four types of pads with different levels of absorption which you can use on their own or in combination with a menstrual cup.

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